Friday, December 31, 2010


Brother David recently went to India again. The pastor's meeting seemed to go well; he spoke a lot about selfishness and covetousness. He then came home and preached a condensed version to the congregation in Monett. If you would like to listen to that, here is the link: It's Not About You.
Brother Raja's wife seems to be recovering well from her recent surgery, and all the children are doing good as well; praise the Lord.
Here is a picture of the children and also of Raja, his wife and his mother in law.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Over a year ago some of the brothers from Monett were preaching in the market somewhere in Peru - I assume it was Chincha. There they met Roberto and Alicia - a couple not yet married but together for quite a while. They have decided to follow the Lord, were married and Brother David baptized them last weekend; praise the Lord! Here is a picture of them:
They live in Chincha and have an evangelical-type bookstore there. Since their decision to follow the Lord, they see that they need to get rid of the bookstore; we pray they continue to walk by faith, obeying the Lord.

Brother Olen is staying in Pisco for a while with Sister Petronila and her granddaughter, and then making rounds to the others scattered around Peru. Pisco is some distance from Chincha, so Petronila, Roberto, Alicia and Olen have been meeting every other week or so at Petronila's house. Brother Anthony from Huancayo makes it when he can, and Olen travels to see Anthony as much as he can.

Petronila and Anthony

Olen and Petronila's granddaughter

I pray I got all of this correct - if not, someone please let me know; thank you.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A letter from India

Brother Raja sent this letter to Kevn here in Monett in regards to David's recent visit:

Dear beloved brother Kevn,
Greetings to you from India and from Raja and Ebba, thankyou for your prayers and encouragement,
we had very good time with bro David this time in india and in our new land and building, some pastors were touched by the word of God, hope they should follow fully truth, and some of our younger girls want to give their heart to Jesus, but we told them to wait and leave all the worldly things like ornaments, etc, brother David also told this, we are teaching them everyday to follow the Lord.children all very good time with brother David,
we have some finishing work for the building like plastering and waiting for electracity,please pray for them, now sometime raining in our area, we are much like for th cool weather,
children all conveying their greetings to you all, we pray for your family and all our brothern doing good in the Lord.
Thanking you so much, we are waiting for your reply.
In Christ's love

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

India happenings

Brother David went India a few weeks ago and was able to stay at the new orphanage ... it still has a ways to go, but it is livable.  Raja and his wife are thankful for the new building and home for their orphans!  I'm sure they are all much more comfortable there.  They hope to have more room built on to the top and are also hoping for electricity.  They have their own well, however they cannot use it because it requires an electric pump.  For now they are using a different well; the girls take care of getting water every day.

While there, David met with the pastors several times; it seems to have went very well.

I tried to make a video of the pictures, however it would not download here ... so, here are a few of the pictures David was able to take on his phone.

Working on the roof

Getting a drink of water

In line for a meal

The dining room :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Street Preaching With Signs

There was a car show going on in downtown Monett, MO this evening, so the brothers took to the streets with their signs ...

Brother Kevn and Brother Marcus stood where the traffic coming in and out could see them.  They also talked to pedestrians that stopped.

Brother Corban and Brother David V. walked up and down the main street with their signs; several people stopped them to talk.

This man stopped and talked for about a half hour - it was a blessing to listen in.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

An update from India

Pastor Raja sent this to Brother David a few days ago ...

Greetings to you in the matchless name of Jesus Christ, Grace and Peace be with you always.
Thanking you so much for your call, we are glad that you are coming to India last week of June, we are preparing for that. The word of truth made me to follow Jesus, change coming into our elder children, and in some pastors, some other pastors are not agree with us, they are following the worldly traditions, I am keep on praying and hope slowly they wish to come.
I am enlcosing the pictures of the children who lost their father yesterday, because of heat he went to the feild work in the mean while he wish to drink water that time his heart stoped, pray for them comfort for their little hearts, two years before they lost their mother now their father. because of this hot summer in our place many losting their lives.
I am enclosing the pictures of the building, there has great need to put the slab, it costs 3 thousand dollars, we are praying for that, we feel it is good before your coming we wish to be there in our place.
please convey our greetings to our beloved brothers and sisters, we and the children keep on praying for them and their famlies.
thanking you so much, we are waiting for your reply.
In Christ's love
Pastor Raja
Here are the pictures he spoke of.  Please see the last post for more pictures and to compare the progress on the orphanage.

Please pray for the efforts in India.  More updates will follow as we get them.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baptism on March 24, 2010

Five more youth got baptized last evening, Praise the Lord! Please keep these young people in your prayers: Cody and Cole L, Clay H, Bailey and Brittnee C. It was another cold and rainy day, only this time the creek was very full; all the ice from the storm a few days prior had just finished melting. The pictures we took were mostly all blurry; if someone else has good pictures, please email them to me and I'll post them here. We do not have good pictures of Cole and Brittnee in the water, but we did have a few other good ones after the baptism.

First, a few pictures of the water:


Cody and Cole with their mom, Cindy:

Praying before the baptism:


Had to throw this one in too; Chad H:

Cody L.

Clay H.

Bailey C with David and her dad, Jeff:

Bailey and Brittnee

Cody and Cole L. with their dad, Dale:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baptism on March 14th, 2010

5 people were baptized last sunday evening at Flat Creek in McDowell, MO - Cade, Cale, and Colby H, David V. and Corban E. Please keep these brothers in your prayers that they would remain faithful to the end.

Corban sharing.

Some brothers from church praying over the ones being baptized.





David V.

Listening to Brother David and Brother Joe and they share with the ones who were just baptized.

David V. and Wilbur G. (with Christiana)

Monday, March 8, 2010

The orphanage in India

Here are some pictures of the progress in India.

I think these are used for fuel to cook.

Raja and his wife are in the back.