Saturday, October 23, 2010

Over a year ago some of the brothers from Monett were preaching in the market somewhere in Peru - I assume it was Chincha. There they met Roberto and Alicia - a couple not yet married but together for quite a while. They have decided to follow the Lord, were married and Brother David baptized them last weekend; praise the Lord! Here is a picture of them:
They live in Chincha and have an evangelical-type bookstore there. Since their decision to follow the Lord, they see that they need to get rid of the bookstore; we pray they continue to walk by faith, obeying the Lord.

Brother Olen is staying in Pisco for a while with Sister Petronila and her granddaughter, and then making rounds to the others scattered around Peru. Pisco is some distance from Chincha, so Petronila, Roberto, Alicia and Olen have been meeting every other week or so at Petronila's house. Brother Anthony from Huancayo makes it when he can, and Olen travels to see Anthony as much as he can.

Petronila and Anthony

Olen and Petronila's granddaughter

I pray I got all of this correct - if not, someone please let me know; thank you.