Sunday, July 31, 2016

Salinas Victorias visit

God's eye is on his kingdom.

  While so many had their attention on earthly things and governments, the church in Mexico was meeting in a small town near Monterrey-Salinas Victorias.

Brother David Keeling and Brother Marcus Rohrer met with a couple families in Salinas Victorias, Mexico and the church from Tlaxcala came up to meet them and the brothers from Reynosa traveled down as well.

There was approximately 40 people gathered together and they had a couple services in which Brother David preached and Brother Josue Moreno translated. They had many good talks and rich fellowship.  They were all really blessed and encouraged to stick with each other in love and loyalty, and not to let the enemy divide.

Praise the Lord!  We are very encouraged to see the church in Mexico growing.