Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Brother Marcus and Brother David went to Mexico last week where four brethren were baptized: Eloy, Rosy, Marisol and Jessica. Rosy is the mother of the sisters mentioned.
Marisol, Rosy, Jessica, David and Eloy



brothers enjoying a meal

There was also a baptism in Monett last sunday.


brothers praying for Harvey

sisters looking on
Praise the Lord! Let's all be in prayer for the brethren here and around the world.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mexico July 2013

Brother David and Brother Marcus visited the brethren in Mexico. The visit went very well and all seemed to be encouraged; several new contacts were visited for the first time. As a special bonus, Sister Erika surprised her family by showing up unannounced. She moved here to Monett from Mexico with her American-born husband, Brother Brian Minter, less than a year ago. I know her family was very happy to see her.

Here are some photos from the visit; at this time I do not have baptism photos but I'm sure some will turn up soon. (here they are: BAPTISMS)

Bougainvillea flowers

Brother Pedro and family; the boys are 'smiling' :)

Pedro's wife Marisol, her mother Rosa, sister Jessica, father Enrique

Brother Daniel's family with Erika on the right

Brother Eloy and his mother Guillermina

Order? Damian, Josue, Israel, Eloy, Tony and Ismael

Brazil July 2013

Some brothers visited the brethren in Brazil. I know it was a blessing to see Brother Jefferson again as well as travel to meet new contacts. Praise the Lord!
Please keep Jefferson and his family in your prayers. 

Street preaching ...

Cuba May 2013

We have decided to try and keep this blog going; this is the first post of 3.

Some brothers visited the brethren in Cuba last May and it was a blessing. They hope to go back soon, Lord willing.