Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baptism in Dominican Republic

Brothers Brian and David went to the Dominican Republic again two weekends ago to fellowship with the brethren there and also to baptize Sister Griselda. Praise the Lord!!! Griselda and Jose are both pictured below; they were both married before and realized not too long ago that they were living in adultery with each other. They have been apart for several months now and doing all they know how to walk in the light. Sister Griselda is facing trials at work right now because of wanting to follow the bible in regards to dressing modestly and covering her head. Her job is much needed, but we know if she gets fired for following the Lord, he will provide help. Please pray she will be strong and continue to follow the Truth no matter what it costs her.

This video was taken sideways ... I'm not sure how to rotate it? If anyone knows, please share.

We are greatly encouraged by the little group there in the Dominican Republic. Please pray for them as they strive to follow the Lord on the Narrow Path.