Saturday, July 17, 2010

A letter from India

Brother Raja sent this letter to Kevn here in Monett in regards to David's recent visit:

Dear beloved brother Kevn,
Greetings to you from India and from Raja and Ebba, thankyou for your prayers and encouragement,
we had very good time with bro David this time in india and in our new land and building, some pastors were touched by the word of God, hope they should follow fully truth, and some of our younger girls want to give their heart to Jesus, but we told them to wait and leave all the worldly things like ornaments, etc, brother David also told this, we are teaching them everyday to follow the Lord.children all very good time with brother David,
we have some finishing work for the building like plastering and waiting for electracity,please pray for them, now sometime raining in our area, we are much like for th cool weather,
children all conveying their greetings to you all, we pray for your family and all our brothern doing good in the Lord.
Thanking you so much, we are waiting for your reply.
In Christ's love

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

India happenings

Brother David went India a few weeks ago and was able to stay at the new orphanage ... it still has a ways to go, but it is livable.  Raja and his wife are thankful for the new building and home for their orphans!  I'm sure they are all much more comfortable there.  They hope to have more room built on to the top and are also hoping for electricity.  They have their own well, however they cannot use it because it requires an electric pump.  For now they are using a different well; the girls take care of getting water every day.

While there, David met with the pastors several times; it seems to have went very well.

I tried to make a video of the pictures, however it would not download here ... so, here are a few of the pictures David was able to take on his phone.

Working on the roof

Getting a drink of water

In line for a meal

The dining room :)