Sunday, April 18, 2010

An update from India

Pastor Raja sent this to Brother David a few days ago ...

Greetings to you in the matchless name of Jesus Christ, Grace and Peace be with you always.
Thanking you so much for your call, we are glad that you are coming to India last week of June, we are preparing for that. The word of truth made me to follow Jesus, change coming into our elder children, and in some pastors, some other pastors are not agree with us, they are following the worldly traditions, I am keep on praying and hope slowly they wish to come.
I am enlcosing the pictures of the children who lost their father yesterday, because of heat he went to the feild work in the mean while he wish to drink water that time his heart stoped, pray for them comfort for their little hearts, two years before they lost their mother now their father. because of this hot summer in our place many losting their lives.
I am enclosing the pictures of the building, there has great need to put the slab, it costs 3 thousand dollars, we are praying for that, we feel it is good before your coming we wish to be there in our place.
please convey our greetings to our beloved brothers and sisters, we and the children keep on praying for them and their famlies.
thanking you so much, we are waiting for your reply.
In Christ's love
Pastor Raja
Here are the pictures he spoke of.  Please see the last post for more pictures and to compare the progress on the orphanage.

Please pray for the efforts in India.  More updates will follow as we get them.