Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last friday at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

This was Friday preaching at UARK with Steve Mitchel. We arrived about noon and shortly after a man with a black hat came preaching and drew a crowd of about 75 to 100 people. I believe his wife was with him she had a long dress (off to the right in PIC 1) I walked over to listen to what he was preaching and he was saying a lot of the same things we would say. He was preaching mainly from Mathew 7 "Not every one who says Lord Lord" He said " Just calling Jesus your Lord won't save you unless you do what he said" "Jesus doesn't save you just because you call him your Lord" " He saves you when he is your lord"
Later Gary Bowman"Moses" came and preached. In the mean time a lot of students came and spoke to Steve and I (PIC 2 & 6). People really weren't arguing with us too much; today they really listed and asked a lot of questions.
Later I took the opportunity to talk to the preacher in the black hat. His name is Micah and he came from Miami Florida. He was interested in asking me about what we believe about non resistance and said he had recently talked to some mennonites and didn't feel they had really clear answers. I shared a few things with him about what we believe and he was really appreciative. We exchanged contact info so hopefully we'll be able to stay in touch.
- Brian Gray